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apan Tour Autumn 2017
20.09.17 -Nanya (Gokiso), Nagoya
23.09.17 - Shinokubo Suizokukan, Tokyo
24.09.17 - Flying Teapot, Tokyo
25.09.17 - Buddy, Tokyo
27.09.17 - UrBANGUILD, Kyoto
29.09.17 - Socrates, Kyoto
30.09.17 - Figya, Osaka

Common Stage

Common Stage is a performance series founded by Michel Barengo from the Jazzcore formation "Five Pound Pocket Universe" and  the experimental Trio "Platypus". In each performance he collaborates with different musicians and dance performers from Japan such as Nasuno Mitsuru, Ryoko Ono, Nonoko Sato, Go Tsushima, Sou Inomoto and others.
The main focus lies in capturing the impressions of different aspects from each performer from his environment and expressing it through its own musical language. The individual sessions traverse through various moods, images and intensities, playfully contrasting meditative silence with total sensory overload. Japanese music meets both traditional and modern soundscapes,
enabled by a unique set in each session of instruments consisting of turntables, violin, saxophone, bass, percussion, dance, drums, voice and effect units. In this way, the impressions of Japan are processed and experimented with, melding two very different cultures.
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